Assistance Programs


Case Management

The Center of Hope provides case management services that include life skills counseling resources and support to become self-sufficient.


This is a holistic person-centered program with a primary focus on issues and barriers that pertain to employment, education and financial literacy.


Participants may remain in the case management program for up to two years as long as they are making progress towards self-sufficiency.





Budgeting Financial Management

The Center of Hope offers short-term budget counseling to families who are having difficulty staying within a budget.  Budget sessions are personalized to address the particular issues a family has as well as assist them in preparing a budget, provide appropriate resource information and counsel on ways to decrease household expenses.

Traffic Fine Program For Women


The Center of Hope offers an educational incentive program that will assist participants with outstanding traffic fines and/or suspended licenses.  A partnership with the Wichita Municipal Court provides participants with the unique opportunity to pay off traffic fines through volunteer service.  The program is designed to teach life-skills, provide support and assist participants with a concrete plan to get their license re-instated. 


Call Sister Becky at 316-409-4959 for more details.



The Center of Hope has a program of providing used bikes for those without transportation. This allows the individual to extend their capacity to find jobs and to get back and forth to work for existing jobs. We have a limited number of bikes available on a weekly basis.

Bike Program