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The Center of Hope listens to the cries of the poor with compassion and love, and without judgment, seeing all who present themselves

to us as Children of God.  A loving presence to those in need and advocates for the powerless, we offer hope to families regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or gender, as they deal with life’s daily challenges.  We help them with emergency financial support for rent and utilities, provide case management toward resolutions of on-going difficulties, and assure the dignity and self respect of each individual.


The Need

  • The number of homeless persons in Wichita is typically around 500.

  • Many more are homeless but are currently doubling up by staying with friends or relatives. 

  • Wichita residents below the poverty level are 17% - approximately 60,000 persons 

  • Children in poverty 20%

  • Lines of  up to 60-100 people on Tuesday mornings with eviction / shut off notices.

  • COH assisted 4000 families / 10,000 persons with rent and utility assistance of $1,500,000.


  • 100% are immediately prevented from becoming homeless for the next 30 days

  • Less than 20% were evicted from their homes within 6 months of receiving assistance.

  • 40% only needed services one time.

  • COH Homeless Prevention Program promotes systemic changes


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