Prayer Requests

  • B, 60, lives alone.  She has had 2 heart attacks in the past 2 years.  She lost her home and is now renting.  She works several small jobs, but had only made $688 the month before coming to COH.  This barely covers her $680 monthly rental.


  • J, a 57-year-old grandmother is now responsible for her 3 grandchildren following the death of their mother.  J was hospitalized recently.


  • S, 29, has 2 children.  She receives Social Security Income and usually keeps current on her bills; however, an old Westar bill in her name, but not at her residence, has been added to her current bill, bringing the total to $898.  This put her in danger of having her power turned off.  She has had several brain surgeries and is scheduled for more.


  • M & A are a married couple in their late 50s.  A is on kidney dialysis and M recently had knee surgery.


  • C, 39, lives with her 3 children.  Her husband was recently incarcerated because he is not a U.S. citizen.  She does cleaning work, but her income of $850 per month is not sufficient to meet their expenses.


  • D, 26, has 3 children.  She lost her job two months before her fourth child was born.  The baby girl died due to a heart condition and D could not pay rent because of funeral expenses.


  • S, 50, lives with his wife.  He recently had a heart attack and could not work for a time, putting the couple behind in their bills.  When they came to COH, they owed $1,396 for rent and $1,104 for power.


  • T, 36, has 3 children.  She missed 2 weeks of work when she was hospitalized with medication problems related to the drugs she takes after her liver transplant 2 years ago.  When she came to COH, she owed $852 on her Westar bill and $485 on her water bill.


In connection with our service of homeless prevention, we come across certain situations which touch our hearts deeply.  We ask that you pray for these families as the burdens they are carrying are great.

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